Savage Dungeons: The Halls of Tizun Thane, Part 1

Posted: 4 April 2010 in Tryouts
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In another attempt to bring the kids over from D&D 4E to Savage Worlds, I generated some archetypical characters for them, dug out one of my favourite scenarios from the past – The Halls of Tizun Thane from White Dwarf 18 – and ran an old school dungeon crawl; no battlemats, no figures, just narrative description. It went well, and we should continue later this week. The characters:

  • Nessime (Giulia): Paladin – a fighter with Arcane Background (Miracles), Healing and Smite.
  • Turelio (Nick): Bloodthirsty fighter in plate. He has put all his points into being the best fighter he can conceive of, so he is very good at that, but not much use at anything else.
  • Tenchi (Tenchi, Giulia’s fiancée who joined in the session by MSN Messenger): Classic rogue, built around the Thief edge.
  • Veon (currently NPC but will be my PC if I can get anyone else to GM, or if I can figure out how to run the game same-side, possibly by using THW): Wizard, built with Arcane Background (Magic) and the three beginning powers I consider most useful – Bolt, Deflection and Healing.
  • An as-yet-unnamed ranger (Anna): A fighter type built around the Woodsman edge.

Tizun Thane is essentially a murder mystery, borrowing elements from a number of the Conan stories by Robert E Howard. Arriving in the village of Cahli, the adventurers find it terrorised by the Night Things which come up from the south now that Tizun Thane, a local wizard of note, has disappeared. Nick’s barbarian fighter decided to ignore the warnings and spend the night in the open, whereupon he was duly assaulted by Night Things (I used Orc Chieftains with the serial numbers filed off, the Construct ability added, and a trapping of “they’re made of black marble”). Much to my surprise, he managed to fight them off – I’ve been running this scenario since the late 1970s, and this is the first time anyone has managed that; maybe I need to make them tougher.

The next day, our heroes follow the trail south to a water-filled extinct volcano, where they find Tizun Thane’s mansion. They gain entrance, using a password they found on a dead body on the way to the volcano, and an iron golem guard leads them to Tizun Thane’s body, in a hall of mirrors. Nick immediately started smashing the mirrors, but to my relief did not get them all, as they form one of the main ways to extend the scenario into later adventures. Anna’s and Giulia’s characters found significant clues on the body, although they have not yet realised their import.

A short bout of exploring left Nick’s fighter feeding trail rations to a pack of giant rats, who have inexplicably taken a liking to him based on some improbably high reaction dice. At that point supper stopped play.

  1. Bob Waller says:

    Tizune Thane is the best scenario WD ever published. I ran it as the start of a two-year campaign when it was first published. Some of my best memories as a young adult and a DM. It’s my favorite scenario of all time. Glad to see someone else loves it just as much.

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