THW – Savaged!

Posted: 28 February 2010 in Tryouts
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Behind what you see going on in this blog, I’m thinking about how I could marry up my current favourite RPG (Savage Worlds) with the THW reaction system, so that I can use something like Warrior Heroes or Larger Than Life to drive the campaign and the scenario – there’s nothing better than THW for same-side or solo play, at least as far as I know.

My current view is that I should count half the relevant trait die type as the character’s Rep or skill level. That would mean the typical NPC, with a d6 in attributes and skills, would have either Rep 3 or skill level 3; the typical Novice PC has a d8 or d10 in whatever he’s good at, which would make him Rep 4 or 5 – a good match for a beginning THW Star. Still thinking this through, but it has potential, I feel.

  1. R Singers says:

    I’d be very interested if you came up with a Svage Worlds solo play system. Most of my friends are board gamers, so I greatly miss the occasional RPG.

  2. andyslack says:

    I fully intend to at some point – the easiest route seems to be to merge Savage Worlds with something like THW or Dungeon Bash. Watch this space…

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