The Arioniad – Scene 8

Posted: 30 January 2010 in Arioniad

Imagine a montage sequence at this stage, following Arion, Dmitri and their guide hacking their way through the jungle to the Cyrene Pyramid.

This is a story advancing scene, so we first check if the Big Bad is here. 1d6 vs 1: 5, so no. Daytime or nighttime? 1d6 vs 3: 5, so night has fallen. Difficulty of finding the person? 2d6 and take lower result: 4, 3 so difficulty 3. 2d6 vs Rep 4: 1, 2, so pass 2d6. 2d6 vs Difficulty 3: 5, 6 so pass 0d6. Arion passes 2d6 more than the target, so finds his quarry without incident.

Who is the quarry? I roll randomly on the Jungle list on p.18, then on the Slaver subtable on p. 20, and so determine that Arion has encountered a brace of Rep 4 musketeers.

Arion now makes one opposed task challenge to retrieve the info. Musketeers have the Shooting skill, and so does Arion, so we’ll make that the focus of the challenge. I stray a bit from the rules here, but so what? I imagine a shooting contest with the information Arion needs wagered against some supplies. The Musketeers will have Shooting at their Rep, namely 4; Arion has it at half his Rep, i.e. 2, but adds one to that because it is an opposed task and he is Strong Willed. First round: The musketeers roll 1, 1, 2, 6 and score 3 successes. Arion rolls 5, 3, 6 and scores one.

Round two, and each side now rerolls those dice which succeeded last time. Arion rolls only 1d6, a 4, which is no successes. The musketeers roll 3d6, getting 5, 6, and 2 for one success. For round three, only the musketeers have a die left, so they win with one more success. Consulting the table on p. 26 we see that Arion suffers complications, and loses 1d6, but otherwise he may try again. Both sides recover their dice, and we go again.

Round four, and the musketeers roll 3, 5, 2, 6 for two successes. Arion rolls 4, 4 for no successes. Arion fails to complete the task and may not try again, so he does not get a clue this time.

I now roll on the advance the story table on p. 30: 1d6 + Rep (4) + clues solved (1) = 5 + 5 = 10, so we must find someone and get info from them.

Where to next? 1d6 on the table on p. 31 shows our next destination is still in the Jungle, which makes sense. We just didn’t get to the Pyramid yet. We carry on, on foot. There is no encounter (1d6 vs 1: 3, no encounter.)

I must confess, this scene didn’t really fire my imagination. That may be a problem with LTL going forwards, as reading the rules suggests it will be a common pattern; or it may just be symptomatic of the current long hours at work, which do drain the creative juices somewhat.

  1. David says:

    I suppose the fleshing out of this little encounter is where the fun is, when you work out the who/why/wheres.

    Who were these Musketeers? Are they locals, natives, off-world hunters?

    Why were they in the jungle? Do they live there, or hunt there, or were they looking for the pyramid as well? Perhaps they’re local pyramid robbers who carefully farm out the relics they retrieve from a new pyramid, and otherwise have to protect the source of their fortune? So, if Arion encounters them again, he might have followed them to the pyramid, or they might be following him to see he doesn’t let outsiders know about the pyramid.

    To me, this part of the story telling is the fun part, making the results give a coherent narrative 🙂

  2. andyslack says:

    Good ideas, David. I wish I’d thought of those! Maybe the lesson here is not to force it when I’m exhausted. 🙂

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