Nentir Vale, Cardolan

Posted: 14 December 2009 in Settings

This post is here just to draw your attention to Greywulf’s excellent idea of transplanting D&D 4e‘s Nentir Vale into Cardolan, in Middle Earth, in 1650. Nice job, Greywulf.

I’ve been a huge Lord of the Rings fan since I first read it in 1970; all my kids love it too, and it will be very cool for them to realise gradually where they are. The human characters are easy to fit into this set up, and the longtooth shifter isn’t too different from Beorn; but I’m not sure how I’m going to explain the warforged yet. So, he needs to start attracting more NPC attention, as he is more unusual than the party realise.

I should ask Anna for advice – she is a proper Tolkien scholar, did her undergraduate thesis on LotR, speaks at conferences about Tolkien, and so forth.


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