Talomir Nights, Encounter 6

Posted: 4 November 2009 in Talomir Nights

In which Johann decides that discretion is the better part of valour.

Exterior, day. A lone farm stands in a clearing surrounded by woods.

Caption: October 986, Ekra

[JOHANN, GOTTFRIED and GERVAISE are lying concealed at the edge of the woods, watching a group of Ekraen soldiers settling in at the farmhouse.]

JOHANN: Are the de Plastiques here?

GOTTFRIED: I don’t think so. I don’t see their heraldry.

JOHANN: We need supplies. How about a raid on that farm when it gets dark?

GERVAISE: Ah doan sink so. Zey ‘ave got seex knights, and twenty eenfantry, most of zem weez crossbows and arquebuses; and zey are alert, watching for trouble. See ze pickets? You can go down zere eef you want. Me and Jean-Paul weel stay ‘ere and look after Beatrice, d’accord?

JOHANN: Well, I suppose when you put it like that…

[Our heroes crawl carefully back from the ridgeline and move off.]

Game notes: The quest for the de Plastiques continues in the Ekraen countryside, but they are not here. There is however an encounter (2d6 vs 2, 2, 1 = pass 2d6) with locals (1d6 vs 4, pass 1d6) at a farm in a wooded area. A 2d6 result of 7 means Johann’s troupe is the attacking side in a raid. The enemy are alert (2d6 vs 5: 2, 6 = pass 1d6). A roll of 12 means the enemy have twice our CV, i.e. 32, and rolls on the Ekraen army list give us an opposition of 6 mounted knights, 7 infantry, 5 crossbowmen, 2 peasant foot, 3 mercenary arquebusiers, and 3 peasant archers. Gervaise may be exagerrating about the proportion of missile weapons, but I can’t see a good outcome to this whatever happens. I considered using the Challenge rules to send Gottfried the thief in to pick their pockets, but that probably ends in a dead Gottfried and the rest of us running for our lives from Ekraen knights again. We’ll move on, but it doesn’t seem right to roll for advancement or pursuit, since all the troupe did was walk onto the board, and immediately walk off again. Better luck next time.


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