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Beneath the Village of Harken, Part 1

Posted: 26 June 2009 in Tryouts

The party’s adventures continued last Sunday… Having assimilated the lesson that diplomacy works better before you open fire, and having been hired to eliminate a nest of goblins, our merry band of heroes barged in on the goblins claiming to be a travelling band of chefs sent to pay homage by serving the them a meal.

OK, I thought, goblins are not the sharpest tools in the box, couple of good dice rolls… let’s see where this goes. Idaho Caramba, the ranger, started laying out food on the table. How would this be cooked, the goblins wanted to know? By magic, Idaho explained, it’s all part of the service. Gather round the table and our wizard will cook the food.

You can see this coming, can’t you? Burning Hands, followed by screams and violence. One slightly singed goblin escaped towards the next room, to be hacked down by the warforged fighter in the doorway. The session ended just as the warforged looked up from the body to see the rest of the goblins looking on in surprise and alarm. Nick is now trying to persuade me he can take an extended rest before tackling this new group, so that his Brute Strike power will regenerate. I think not.

Notably, for the first time on record, Giulia’s character didn’t get mortally wounded. Not even a scratch. She still isn’t hitting anything, though.



Posted: 7 June 2009 in Tryouts

For the first time since 1978, a Total Party Kill!

Or it should have been. But given that they are all first level in a points buy system, they could all regenerate their characters exactly as written. And a recurring nemesis is much better from a story perspective; so having reduced them all below zero hit points, and not being much better off itself, the dragon limps off to dog their footsteps in later adventures.Lessons for the party to learn when cornering a young white dragon in its lair:

  1. Don’t massacre all its minions, throw spears at it, and then try to negotiate afterwards.
  2. Don’t allow the party wizard to be stunned by dragon breath and then spend the rest of the encounter continuously failing his saving throw – do something about it.