New blog!

Posted: 11 October 2008 in Reflections

After a long break from such things, I’ve restarted my blog, and here it is. As before, it’s intended as a non-intrusive way for colleagues, family and friends to keep up with what I’m doing – read it as and when you’re interested, without me clogging up your inboxes.

I’ve moved to WordPress because it’s easy to use, forgiving of mistakes in input, and allowed me to merge the blog and my website into one entity. Later I’ll try adding some photographs too.


Update: 2nd November 2014…

“O quam cito transit gloria mundi!” – Thomas a Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

This post marks the start of the current incarnation of my gaming blog. Congratulations on making your way this far back.

I’ve been gaming since 1976 and had an online presence talking about it since 1998; several websites have come and gone, and a couple of blogs too, but almost nothing of them survives before this point, as I have a habit of culling them or even erasing them completely every few years.

Gaming is a performance art, transient and ephemeral, so that seems somehow fitting.



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