Time for Bifocals?

For a while now I have noticed that my wargames figures aren’t painted as well as they used to be, and had put that down to shaking hands caused by advancing age.

It turns out it wasn’t that at all; I just couldn’t see the little beggars properly. For the moment I have liberated my wife’s sewing magnifying glass, which hangs around the neck from a cord and can be propped on one’s chest overlooking whatever the hands are up to; painting quality improved dramatically again, overnight.

I’m intrigued that not being able to focus my vision manifested itself as shaking hands; if I could remember enough feedback control theory from my youth, I’m sure the frequency of the shake would tell me something interesting.

New blog!

After a long break from such things, I’ve restarted my blog, and here it is. As before, it’s intended as a non-intrusive way for colleagues, family and friends to keep up with what I’m doing – read it as and when you’re interested, without me clogging up your inboxes.

I’ve moved to WordPress because it’s easy to use, forgiving of mistakes in input, and allowed me to merge the blog and my website into one entity. Later I’ll try adding some photographs too.